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Join IMPACT JOHNS CREEK, Sunday, March 26th, 2023, as we host our second community town hall and open house which we have entitled, Cause4Concern.


The event will take place at Memories Event Space (a B.O.B!) and begin at 5PM with a 30-minute 'Mix-Munch-Mingle' social.  This installment builds upon the last focusing, again, on municipal elections (wresting local control from Fulton County), cityhood bids across Atlanta, reparations at the state and local level as well as upcoming elections.

The first, was a tremendous success because of our attendees and local community leaders who spoke directly to Johns Creek policymakers about their concerns of political opportunism and voter disenfranchisement.  


Ultimately, Johns Creek City Council voted to table the issue for further study.


Many thanks to Councilpeople Larry Dibiasi, Stacy Skinner and Erin Elwood who came and freely answered all questions and provided clarity on confusing policy issues!

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